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EZGO Engines MCI or Not MCI

Ok, so EZGO changed their engines in around 2003 to a type MCi, majority of the parts are the same, however some aren't. So how do you know the difference between to two types? I found this information on the internet which I would like to share with you.

EZGo wanted to cut the cost of their pre mci model and that is where mci comes from. Not that it is a bad engine but, I prefer the pre mci 350 model. There are very few differences in the two. The flywheel on the mci lacks a key for it, which actually makes it more easy to remove. But the rocker arms on the mci is what really drives me crazy. Unlike the pre mci, which have a slot in the top for a screwdriver for valve adjustment, the mci has a square top and its smaller than a eight mm wrench so I use needle nose pliers. The easiest way to tell the difference in the two models is to look at the exhaust. The mci exhaust is aluminium in colour and is moulded with the head. The pre mci exhaust is cast iron in colour and mounts to the head with four bolts. You can also tell by looking at the bottom of the blocks on the exhaust sides. pre mci blocks will have EH 35C or EH 29C mci will have EH 352C or EH 292C.